Tudor Hill Laboratories – NavFac Bermuda

The RV Erline in transit between Argus Island and Tudor Hill Laboratories.

A view of Tudor Hill Laboratories’ listening post at the crown of the hill (a very common siting arrangement).

One of the cables in a SOFAR installation.

This shows the tapering of the line between the sea deployment of SOSUS hydrophones the Terminal Building where the leads are terminated into audio filters, storage, time shifters (delay lines built into the storage), and finally verniers (chart recorders) that make LOFARgrams.

SOSUS cable being laid out to sea.

And, of course, the cable has to emerge somewhere along a beach.

At this point I need to point out that the beach picture with cable, and earlier pictures are presenting the common design considerations for nearly any SOSUS station, but not for NavFac Bermuda which received data through RF transmissions from Argus Island.

Still, audio is audio, and the many Verniers (chart recorders) at Tudor Hill Laboratories operated the same irrespective of this link.

Aerial view of NavFac Bermuda, Tudor Hill Laboratories.