Second Root Services

Succeed With The Magic Of Author's Inspiration

Recover valuable insights as

  • supporting themes hidden within your story,
  • engaging surroundings smothered in your settings,
  • clearer motivations blurred by your plot, and
  • unsuspected moods in chaotic characters.

Author's Inspiration is a set of creative writing tools and inspirational techniques employing guided trance. Treasure your writing's valuable connection to icons, archetypes, mythic struggles, and mystical places.

Welcome, Valued Author

I am Richard Clark. It is my joy as a writer, lover of stories, and dedicated teacher to help you succeed through your journey.

I am a writer of espionage novels. This comes from an imaginative re-interpretation of my life in many places and many occupations.

Our Work

During our meetings, our work will center on visiting the traditional elements of fiction: Story, Plot, Setting, Character. We will visit these elements through traditional exercises and trance work.

The creative tools that I provide are unique and production oriented. I firmly adhere to your genre's structural demands to help you to produce a profitable story that is genuinely yours.

Magic begins in the trance state.

Writer’s Block Relief

I offer you a consultative based solution to Writer’s Block.  Our meetings will be highly individualized to focus on your need.  These meetings will be especially tailored to your writer’s voice in your genre.  To achieve this, I bring you a palette of imaginative, introspective, and integrative techniques to resolve your core issues with Writer’s Block.

Zoom Office Hours

Typically between 1100 and 1600 PST (GMT-8)

By appointment.

Contact me so that we can arrange a time to meet.

Rates And Terms

Fee Levels For Individual Consultation over Zoom:

  1. Quarter hour rate: $20
  2. Half Hour rate: $40
  3. Hour rate: $60


Fee payable previous to time of service.

Fee is payable by through pay-pal (see below).

Submit a payment to Second Root for services.