Authors Marketing 2021

4 November 2020: This is the beginning of this author’s journal in developing a marketing plan within a business plan.

But, before I embark upon this, this post is evidence of my efforts to tie my blog to Facebook postings on both my services site and my author’s site.  So, ongoing housekeeping is part of this first missive.  You should be mindful of taking care of business is one leg on the one legged milking stool.

Why do this?  Passing posts from my blog into Facebook?  It consolidates and controls the flow of message. This falls under the Business Plan heading of How Do You Plan To Do It?  And there is a second, more valuable business consideration, your asset: Intellectual Property.

There three forms of ownership on the web:

  1. Shared platform: social web sites can suddenly go dark (or, at least your pages);
  2. Rented platform: you pay for space to spread your content from others’ platforms;
  3. Owned platform: you spread your content from in your own platform.

Hence, my owned platform is the source of my messages, and the location of my landing page.

I want my owned platform material feeding Shared and Rented platforms.

In turn, I want Shared and Rented platforms to feed buyers to my my owned platform.

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