I’m Just a Lonely Boy

As is my wont, I tend to be dry in humor, and rapier thin in anger.
In a recent film discussion a friend brought up “Taxi Driver.” It is dark intense, and I have only seen it once. My friend commented on the tone of loneliness. That is often a starting point for discussion. However, as a film writer, I am well versed with the tropes that could inhabit our conversation, and I responded (to the loneliness) with (a coy and coded):

“You talkin’ to me?”

During and following the war, I was just as “lonely,” but not as sociopathically as this.

Even earlier, age 10, at the base theater at Ford Barracks, Ulm Germany, before the movies started, I would often hear the current hit, “I’m Just A Lonely Boy.”

Memories are significant.

I remember one of those movies was a full graphic detail documentary on the death camps. Still vivid images.

Age 10

“I’m Just A Lonely Boy”

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