Authors Marketing 2021

A&B Testing

I am running two ads on Facebook right now.  They have identical copy, but different graphic support.  They are also set to run 5 days, instead of over my previous 2-3 day dips.

Performance differences are appearing at roughly the half way point.  But, first, those differences in content.

My goal in the side-by-side advertisement designs was to differentiate reactions to obvious male-female gender roles portrayed in the graphics, and who, male/female, responded to them.  Facebook Ad Center gives me the ability to restrict my ad’s audience to these same genders (and age, and many other separables).  However, I did not restrict my audience in this run.

Male oriented graphic is in black and white (Dore).  Female oriented graphic is in full color (Titian).

Male oriented graphic draws an audience of 3:1 men:women.

Female oriented graphic draws an audience of 1:1 men:women

However, the final numbers will be more meaningful.

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