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Well, that seems to get the cart before the horse, but I have arrived at this point with momentum already going, tests performed, lessons learned.  In fact, you can see the ad already posted on this Facebook page.  Its creation process makes a story of its own, but later.

The ad’s purpose is to drive audience to my Meetup group for “Action Writer’s Block.”  Further, it is part of my Marketing campaign for branding by identifying a very specific segment of writers.  The lesson here is to declare that community, and aim for them.

From all of the Business Plan headings I offer to cover, Marketing and who do I serve can be best seen in this Facebook ad’s (Boosted Post) audience profile:

Audience Details
Location – Living In United States
Age 45 – 65+
People Who Match Interests: Entrepreneurship or Writing, Education Level: College grad or Some college, Relationship Status: Married, Domestic Partnership or Widowed, Income: Household income: top 10% of ZIP codes (US), Life Event: Anniversary within 30 days, Upcoming birthday or Friends of Women with a Birthday in 7-30 days

Two day campaign:
Estimated Daily Results
People Reached
1.2K – 3.4K
Link Clicks
34 – 97

This is a short run that I have tested to the same purpose two weeks ago.  Net result of that campaign was no conversions.  This time I use new graphics oriented towards writers of action genre using the action term of siege as a metaphor for writer’s block.  There are other considerations of course, and even as I pressed the Publish button for the ad, I saw an improvement I can make next time.

My mistake in the text introducing the graphic was to repeat the button’s label which is an action “Lift Your Action Writer’s Block Siege.”  Next time, I will post an inciting phrase, “Are your action scenes bottled up?” that is solved through this action phrase as the button label.

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