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More Facebook Ads A-B Testing

Yes, two more side-by-side ad runs today.  And another story of Facebook oddity.  I am using the same graphic that Facebook first rejected (too much skin) to then relent and allow when I challenged their denial (yes, you can do this, but only with the press of a button).

Both A and B contain this image, but one was simply a re-run of the original ad, and it was approved (without objection) within 10 minutes.  The second was a new post using that identical image (the whole point of an A-B test where I test the ad copy), but new text.  That took 12 hours to approve (with no objection, curiously).

“A” Ad Copy

What if your Action Writer’s Block was because you’ve ignored your villain? Discover how this mysterious energy can can be valuable to you.

“B” Ad Copy

Writer’s Block is your gold…
…What if your troubling villain refuses to release it?
Do you want what is yours? Act now. Recover the hidden riches your block hides within your villain’s ignored needs.

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