What is Consultation and How is it Done?

Consultation is a loosely driven Socratic dialog, analytic method, and therapeutic practice using your clarified goals and my assignments to remove your writing project’s obstacles.

We conduct a dialog through email, or by Skype session.

At the author’s level, our dialog seeks to discover the obstacles that inhibit you.  Our dialog also examines triggers that distract you from your goal.

At the story’s level, our dialog examines the arc of your story to find breaks in the thread of narration.  Our dialog also examines the elements of the story to see if the start matches the end.

At the plot’s level, our dialog analyzes the motivations for moving the story along.  Our dialog also clarifies the complexities of those motivations to insure they do not hijack your goal.

At the character’s level, our dialog tests them for an authentic voice that should support your intentions.  Our dialog also examines your characters for growth and development.