Second Root Services

Paralyzed with an unfinished book?

Thrashing between too many story false starts?

Is it time to get real about writing?

You Need A Strong Guiding Hand!

More than once, I will ask you to do something very difficult.  Using my powerful exercises and other advanced techniques will free your imagination and release your inhibiting fears.

Welcome, Valued Author

I am Richard Clark.  My passions reveal me as a writer, lover of stories, and dedicated teacher.  I try to approach your worries with compassion for difficult topics and self-doubt.

I Help You Reclaim The Genuine Voice Of Your Story

I believe the sharing of our experiences in authentic stories creates a more beautiful and compassionate world.

Do You Want Personal Attention?

I provide personal consultation to authors in Seattle, and over Skype internationally.

What Happens In A Session?

Work that is heavy, deep, and real!

My part of it is listening for your needs as drawn out by careful questions that seek the essence of your novel.

Your part of it is being willing to do the hard work of self-examination in safe exercises, re-writes, or new work performed outside of the session.

You can be sure we will cover the fundamentals of writing: story, plot, setting, character, … as they empower you or thwart your achievements.

What Do You Get Out Of Our Sessions?

Renewed excitement!

You will feel genuinely validated for owning your passion in being an author of an authentic story.

During our sessions, you will build a list of achievable goals to lead to a successful book launch.  Together, we will shorten that list at an astonishing speed.

The product of our dialog and my exercises will construct secure boundaries and a safe space.  From there we will enlarge your comfort zone to reach out, embrace risk, and turn it into understandable trust.

Advanced Work (in Seattle only, as announced)

Do You Want The Challenge Of Experiencing Your Novel As A Character?

My group includes a certified clinical Hypnotherapist that will lead you through trance induced exercises to explore your novel’s tone, setting, and characterizations.  This work is based in the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, employing archetypes and interpretive imagery.  Exercises are as varied as:

  1. Chakra authenticity to fully express feelings;
  2. Kundalini energy work to resolve sexual tension;
  3. The Protagonist’s shame release;
  4. Character psychodramas;
  5. Protagonist and Antagonist in a past-life encounter;
  6. and other challenging scenarios.

We Offer These Examples Of Advanced Work Group Sessions:

  1. Half Day: three hour group session in a four hour time slot
  2. Day: two three hour group sessions in an eight hour time slot
  3. Weekend sessions: four three hour + one two hour group sessions

What Do You Get Out Of Our Advanced Work Group Sessions?

This work involves an unique application of Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and your personal journey as a novelist visiting their work through hypnosis.  Your journey, assisted by the spiritual guides within you, will lead you to your own vision of success.

Rates And Terms

Fee Levels For Individual Consultation:

  1. Half hourly rate: $60
  2. Hourly rate: $100
  3. Bundle of three one hour sessions: $250
  4. Bundle of six half hour sessions: $300

Fee Levels For Advanced Work Group Sessions:

  1. Half day: $200
  2. Full day: $350
  3. Weekend: $750


Fee is in advance for bundled and special group sessions, or at time of service for hourly individual sessions.

Fee is payable by cash, check, credit card, or through pay-pal (see below).

Contact me so that together we can meet to increase your writing satisfaction, create successful novels, and make money through marketing strategies and efficient publishing steps suited for both print and eBook.

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