Gaia and Uranus

Gaia and Uranus family picture

Gaia Eros Uranus

Their union (out of desire created by Eros) trapped their children (held in by father Uranus) within Gaia. Gaia orders her children to rebel against their father’s oppression. Only Cronos does so by castrating Uranus.

Cronos Rhea Zeus

When a prophecy says Cronos’ child will overtake him, he eats his children. Rhea, pregnant with Zeus, runs away. She returns with a stone in swaddling he devours. An older Zeus revenge’s himself on his father.

Zeus Metis Alcmene Heracles

Conspire to poison Cronos to free Zeus’ siblings from inside. Cronos calls up the Titans to fight back against the Olympians (siblings of Zeus).

The Titanomachy. Zeus needs the support of the Cyclops (imprisoned in Tartarus) to win. Following this struggle and winning, Zeus re-imprisoned the Titans, angering Gaia who calls on the Giants to war against Zeus.

The Gigantomachy. Zeus needs a mortal (Heracles) to win. Gaia Tartarus Typhon conceived to fight Zeus and the Olympians who scattered leaving Zeus alone to prevail.

Elements That Nourish Your Story

This is a four generational story:

(Grand)mother and (Grand)father are in an abusive relationship where (Grand)father restrains his children’s growth. (Grand)mother conspires with her children to rebel against (Grand)father. Their son enters into her conspiracy and kills (Grand)father.

Son (now a Father) marries, and inherits his (Grand)father’s temperament in killing (enveloping, smothering, overwhelming) his own children. However, Son’s wife conspires to deceive Son through protection of their (Grand)son.

Grandson poisons (with help from Grandmother) Father so as to release his siblings. Grandson also needs the assistance of his (Greatgrand)son to kill Grandparents’ generational supporters.