Spring thriving, a cool breeze following
Spring thriving, a cool breeze following


On first sight, this image brought me inspiration during a walk.

On my walk, I thought of borders, walls, barriers … all that go toward confining a comfort zone, restraining the risk zone, and barricading the danger zone. These are all common models for growth, and the inspiration of my thoughts was in the wall’s distance.

Then I came upon this view above. The field presents an area of calm. It is bordered by trees which could be called a fence. I had a border with a wall.

Border Ring

If I were to stand in that field, I would be enclosed within a border of tall trees. And yet I took this photo on the border, between trees, at the foot of a tree. I came to a rest here to enjoy the breeze, and the cool away from the sun.

As a point in story development, I must have arrived from the risk zone. I am on the cusp.

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