An Author’s Inspiration Development Journal Entry 9

SPOILER ALERT (kind of): contains tech talk.
An Author’s Inspiration is an old-school program run from a terminal you open in the distribution folder.  An Author’s Inspiration is called a command-line program, because you enter the name of the program (story) as a command to the operating system to start it.  An Author’s Inspiration then reads files you have already edited, and it writes an output file called outline.  The End.

P.S. Then there are variations upon this basic command called parameters.  In old-school designs, you the user would supply additional words beyond entering story to invoke special operations in An Author’s Inspiration.  These are called parameters and they are often very specific words.  The discussion that follows introduces a rabbit hole for me, the designer, to trod lightly around before I make the plunge.

With each move I make towards applying An Author’s Inspiration towards my second series X-Division, I am finding more useful options I should be adding to increase utility.

One in particular relates to the multiplicity of novels I am staging out for writing later.  This means having multiple copies of An Author’s Inspiration in different WIP folders.  That wouldn’t be so bad, but during development, having to keep track of daily/hourly updates to files is a chore in itself.

So this leads me to the observation that I could have command line parameters (in fact, I already do, but not) to handle pathing from one executable, An Author’s Inspiration, towards each of my novels as works in progress inhabiting their own directories.  This, then, raises another need that I feel closing in on me: some characters are continuing characters, where would they reside within this broadened file system?

Answer: another command line parameter to point towards a character folder.  In technical terms, the drive for layering of needs into what is called a parameter list is called infinite regress.

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