An Author’s Inspiration Development Journal Entry 8

I will be continuing discussion on my crisis of selection mentioned in entry 7, but I almost doubled down on that last night as I reviewed things in my head (not in the code, which is more trustworthy).

What could possibly push the red-button this far into the design?

Well, anything that touches deep into the design is a red-button panic moment…this reaches deep into character design: age.

I needed to have an entry for character description that included their age.  This is a key into what I call life milestone events.  I have that for the age at which a character becomes traumatized, but I had lost track if I had an entry for the character’s current age.

In reviewing the code (and the outline bears this out immediately), I find I have both ages available to An Author’s Inspiration to work with.  It reminds me (what caused the panic) that I don’t fully use their current age to reveal how the stress of each beat distorts their existential issues.  (Age is a key into an extensive file of challenges and accomplishments that are associated with stages of life.)

So, the panic button is released.  There is more to do to integrate and add depth to character motivation such as seeking a mentor, or abandoning poor life choices.

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