An Author’s Inspiration Development Journal Entry 13


This is a note to myself, and any of my readers may write to ask if I have called this instruction.

Why?  What does it do?

Beat descriptions are headers and instructions to the writer within the beats of the outline.  They don’t need to be loaded, actually.

Why not?  Or, better yet, What for?

This is an advanced feature that I have planned for many writer configurable files in An Author’s Inspiration.  Currently this feature is turned off—it could crash if it were, but that danger will pass and this will sail like the rest of the design.

How’s it, this advanced feature, supposed to work?

An Author’s Inspiration loads files, scans their data, combines that data using A.I., and integrates all contributions into an outline for a novel.  For advanced features of An Author’s Inspiration, there are optional files that may be loaded to replace text, and to change functionality. Required files (eg. character files) are loaded by demand.  An Author’s Inspiration will crash if they are not present.

When An Author’s Inspiration looks for these optional files and they are not present, the program continues operation using default text and functionality.  Missing optional files are ignored and no warning or error is announced to the writer.

When An Author’s Inspiration looks for these optional files and they are present, the program replaces text and functionality that has been tailored by the writer for the writer’s own agenda (such as creating genre specific headers, new story arcs, different emotional scales)

Wow!  When can I expect delivery?

Many features have what a software engineer calls hooksHooks are good.  They express an intent in the code that flows with the logic of the code.  Some hooks are underdeveloped, but their location and name signal the engineer where they are to appear, and what should be accomplished.  Other hooks are fully in place, but not yet fully tested.

Testing takes time as program complexity grows.  With 50-something program code files, this is not a simple design…robust testing does not occupy a short duration.

Returning to the obscure lead-in above, loadBeatDescriptions, this is one such example of an advanced feature, a hook that is fully functional, but I haven’t enabled it yet.

However, as to when…stay tuned.

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