An Author’s Inspiration Development Journal Entry 12

So, back to work in trying to either make it simple, or make it baroque.

Today we work on baroque.

In An Author’s Inspiration, I have character traits for our named character:

  • Primacy—meaning how much impact our named character has,
  • Follows—our named character takes this person as a mentor,
  • Followed by—our named character acts as a mentor to this person,
  • Averse to—this person is repugnant to our named character,
  • Partner to—this person is attractive to our named character.

To this point they are more marginalia than working parameters for An Author’s Inspiration.  To go for baroque, they could be used to form artificial intelligence associations through directed graphs.

For instance, I could adjust the stress weight towards distress if the POV character is facing the character they are averse to.  To qualify how much this shifts stress, I could offset it through the presence of the POV character’s follower or partner being within the beat.

My problem (and further adorning what is already baroque) is that these characters would also exhibit the same stress in their own ways.  An Author’s Inspiration is perfectly suited to do this without too much effort, but all this bookkeeping has to be performed through what now feels arcana.

In time, this may resolve, or I may drop it for simplicity.

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