An Author’s Inspiration Development Journal Entry 11

Not so much a developmental entry…rather, a character motivation entry.

I came across this idea applied between comrades (soldiers, sailors, marines) about mission and dedication from We Are Soldiers Still:

where the reasons for war are lacking, soldiers fight and die for each other

For my writing, I need to re-purpose this, starting with:

I’m fighting for my buddies’ lives.

This attitude is one I subscribe to.  Then I began to think of variations that swapped object and subject:

You’re here to fight and die for me.

This grandiose attitude is one I encountered frequently, and it was often traded off with:

You’re here to fight and die for country.

This manipulative attitude takes the prior egotistical one and wraps it in patriotism.

So, what to take from this?  The first is the profile of the Hero.  The second is the profile of the genuine antagonist.  The third is the profile of the abstract antagonist or the antagonist’s minions.

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