10th Step On The Character’s Ladder

I’ve been researching “compunction” for characters in my work while working on “The Striker” an installment of “X-Division Assignments” an espionage action story set in late 60s San Francisco.
It also bears upon many published news stories for the past two years.
The following comes from my last outline step:
10. Character tested for veracity of compunction
10.1. and Character reveals a wide ranging emotional display
10.1.1. including positive emotions, such as happiness and surprise with leakage of genuine feelings from incomplete deception (feel embarrassed, feel genuine happiness, and let a smile slip) as in false remorse
10.1.2. with deceptive or falsified emotions overcompensated in their emotional performance as in false remorse
10.1.3. with a large number of speech hesitations that cued deceptive apology as in false remorse
10.2. and reveals narrow range of emotional display
10.2.1. for remorse (showing sorrow)
include a detailed account of the offense responsibility (showing connection)
acknowledgment of the hurt or damage done reparation (showing care)
restitution, compensation or token gesture in line with the damage that one has caused resolution (showing closure)
expression of a credible commitment to change

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